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Disc Gator

Disc Gator is the most versatile disc golf retrieval system. Easily retrieve your disc from the water, tree, bush, almost anywhere that the pole can reach!

-Let it cost you a stroke, not a disc!
-Don’t fear the water, bushes, trees, thorns, snakes.
-Comes with an 11mm dia., 11 foot tent style pole that folds into 22″ sections
-Pole and Disc Gator use standard threading that is found on paint poles, broom handles, mop handles, etc.
-Speeds up play.
-Keeps feet and clothes dry.
-Pays for itself quickly.
-It’s compact and light-weight.
Each kit comes with:
1 Disc Gator clamp
1 Eleven foot tent style pole
I have personally used the Disc Gator and it is amazing! I use it more for getting my disc out of bushes and big thorny plants, but it also works awesome in the water! On my Grip Bag, I just slide the pole down the umbrella holder and put the Gator clamp in the side pocket. It does not get in my way at all. I love it!
Check out the video in the “Video” tab. It works exactly as they show it does!

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