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The Vertex is a utility midrange with an array of understable tricks ready to lower your scores.  An understable midrange can add possibilities to any bag, whether you’re an expert carving up wooded tunnels or you haven’t yet found that easy straight thrower you desire.  The Vertex is more understable than its Axiom Theory cousin, but has a nice ending fade to settle it down at your target.  Specialty uses include high gliding lines, hyzerflips and turnovers, and low-power escape shots where easy precise distance matters.

Step through to another dimension with the Skulboy SE Vertex.  This Special Edition Neutron Vertex features a sweet three-foil Skulboy creation for all those collectors and lovers of sci-fi disc art.  Our hero Doc Volt has invented some type of x-ray window and if you don’t keep all hands and feet inside the vertices, you may get taken to a distant parallel fairway.  Put that x-ray vision to good use as you give yourself a look through the toughest lines with the Skulboy SE Vertex!

**Note about the stamp. These are 3-color stamps which include black, silver holo, and one other color. The silver holo photographs as different colors as the flash reflects off it weird. That other color is listed in each variation. It’s hard to list these stamp colors. Blue could mean a blue fading into a silver or something like that.

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