Trace – Plasma – Trace of Hearts


Distance Driver

Speed: 11  Glide: 5  Turn: -1  Fade: 2

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The Trace is Streamline’s first solo-mold driver, and now it ushers in the debut of Streamline Plasma plastic.  With the even distribution of weighting agent in a solo-mold context, Plasma has noticeably less of that gummy flex found in GYRO® enhanced Plasma.  The Plasma Trace has a natural stability in between its Neutron and Proton versions — fairly straight with a shallow turn and gentle fade.  Intricate triple-foil stock artwork adorns the Plasma Trace with a retrofuturist ideal of air travel in a sleek flying saucer.

The Plasma Trace will commemorate its Valentine’s Day 2018 release with Special Edition artwork — the Trace of Hearts!  This triple-foil art series began in May 2017 with the Trace of Spades on a Neutron Trace.  This Trace of Hearts continues the ornate Art Deco styling of its predecessor, specially tuned for the natural beauty of Plasma plastic and lustrous red metallic base foil.  Standard foil configuration for the Trace of Hearts is metallic red, holographic silver, and flat gold, making for a dazzling visual experience as the disc shifts in the light.  The Trace of Hearts, like its Spades counterpart, was conceived and executed by Streamline Art Director ZAM.

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