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The MVP 24.5mm max distance class is capped off on the understable end with the Relativity.  This driver has a useful understable profile that allows controllable turnovers, rollers, and high line distance shots.  While its net landing spot will normally be to the understable side of its launch point, the Relativity’s high speed design forces an ending fade that nicely pans out of turnovers and high lines to prevent unwanted rollers.  Expert throwers will find the Relativity highly manipulable in flight by tweaking release angle and height, while average and developing throwers will benefit from its forgiving responsiveness to power.

The Relativity gets special treatment upon its release with the Special Relativity Edition in Neutron plastic.  This ZAM-created followup to 2014’s General Relativity Edition Motion features dual-foil black and silver artwork in a limited run of 1,000 discs. Placed against a backdrop of compressed space-time, the portrait represents the hero of all fun-loving science nerds: Cool Einstein.  A thoughtful Einstein portrait is necessary when it’s time to do deep science, but when it’s time to cut loose, nothing declares that universal law like a Cool Einstein. This Special Relativity Edition proves that all observers in all reference frames should take some time to chill.

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