Pilot – Electron Soft



Speed: 2  Glide: 5  Turn: -1  Fade: 1

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The Pilot has a medium-depth grip, small-bead wing design, flat top, and a comfortable rounded nose. The Pilot’s feel in the hand with grippy Electron plastics will inspire confidence, while its dead straight flight takes you right to the pin. MVP throwers will find the Pilot’s depth in between the Atom and Anode, and its flight most similar to a seasoned Anode.

  • We broke the mold with MVP and redefined its beauty with Axiom.
  • We see what’s out there, and we can do it better.
  • Streamline Discs – familiar plastics, exciting solo-mold designs, stock multi-foil stamps – all at lower prices than anyone.


The Stamp for the Pilot is a triple color design. All of the stamps have black and silver. The stamp color choice that you pick with the disc color is the color of the word “Electron”

Some discs/stamps could be scuffed as pictured, as with all Electron


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Select Disc Weight

160g, 161g, 162g, 163g, 164g, 165g, 166g, 167g, 168g, 169g, 170g, 171g, 172g, 173g, 174g, 175g, 176g

Select Disc/Stamp Color

Black/Silver Holo, Orange/Gold, Orange/BlueFade, Pink/Gold Shatter, Purple/Blue, Purple/GoldFade, Red/Pink Shatter, Red/BlueFade, White/Blue Shatter


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