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Speed: 2  Glide: 3  Turn: 0  Fade: 1

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Introducing the Electron Envy — arguably the most highly anticipated disc ever from Axiom Discs. The Envy is a mildly overstable putter that excels at driving, with a shallow profile that makes it faster in the air than its narrow 10mm winglets on. In this Axiom brand debut of Electron plastic, the ultimate driving putter meets high tech wearable baseline material with gyroscopic stabilization for an absolute disc golf dream. Electron is a premium baseline plastic with a chalky feel that guarantees a perfect grip in any weather. As Electron takes on rounds, it wears its battle scars proudly with glide-enhancing artifacts on its surface, softening the low-speed stability over time. Standard Medium Electron gives some resistance to harder grips but responds to the touch for those wanting a little flex. Take your game to the future with the Electron Envy!

To celebrate the long-awaited release of the Electron Envy, we’ve taken the news beyond our solar system for an otherworldly Special Edition. According to decrypted transmissions intercepted from Area 51, extraterrestrial visitors have been looking forward to this release even longer than Earthly Axiom fans. As the Axiom Keynote reaches their interstellar surveillance programs, the aliens rejoice and plan their departure to Earth in time for the Black Friday release. This interpretation by Axiom Art Director ZAM is executed in our signature triple foil process in black, silver, and a range of accent colors. Two separate newspapers are featured within the Special Edition Electron Envy stamp to denote Soft and Medium versions.  Standard Medium Electron gives some resistance to harder grips but responds to the touch for those wanting a little flex.  Soft Electron gives even more signature grip in inclement weather or for those who prefer more flex, and actually firms up a bit in the cold, making it perfect for winter rounds.

**Stamp color is not listed due to the large array of possible colors on these SE’s. IF you think it looks like rainbow, it’s not, it’s just the camera flash reflecting off of the holographic foils



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